10 tricks to bring your baking fail back from disaster

I know how it feels when baking turns into a disaster, we've all been there! The fondant icing that splits when you are just about to ice a three-layer rainbow cake because you've taken too long to roll it out, the biscuits that spread into one giant slab on the baking tray, the curdled mixture that you just don't know how to fix. Sometimes, we just have to accept that things have gone wrong, and make what you have into something different (or sometimes just start again!), but here are my top 10 tricks to help you come back from the baking 'Hall of Lame'. 1. Use your broken cake for the bottom of a trifle You were going to serve a gorgeous and elaborate cake for your dinner guests but the ca

Following your dreams

From the time that we are young children, we are always encouraged to follow our dreams. At this point, ambitions often include becoming an astronaut, a professional footballer, a fireman, the list goes on. When your parents tell you to go for it, in their heads, they're probably thinking 'they will grow out of it - no need to worry.' How realistic is it to really truly follow your dreams? How much money could truly be made from being a baker full time on my own? Although you can search the internet and find people who have done it, it's easier said than done. There are huge considerations to make when following your dreams, here I've outlined my top five. 1. Money, money, money, must be fun

8 baking terms you never even knew exsisted

I have been baking for a number of years, only turning my passion into a super small business in the last couple of years and actually, I didn't even know some of these terms... every day is a school day! 1. Cloche A cloche is a bread maker that is dome shaped. It helps the bread to retain its moisture but also ensuring that a nicer crust is formed 2. Flute Fluting is a baking term and is the decorating of pies and pastry or around the outside of the cake. You can buy fluted plans that do the work for you too! 3. Pearl The term pearl can be used when you are making sweets. When you are boiling sugar, the pearl stage is when the sugar will drop off the spoon in drops. You can test if your sug

10 things you didn't know about chocolate

Did you know, a chocolate rive did once exist? Well, it was made for Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory back in 1971, but it was real! Here, we look at 10 facts that you didn't know about chocolate, the weird, wacky and the wonderful... 1. The chocolate river created for Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory contained 15,000 gallons of water mixed with chocolate and cream! It's not all good news though, the cream caused the river to spoil and the case revealed that it left a horrible stench... 2. White chocolate isn't REAL chocolate! What has the world come to (I know my partner will not be happy about this one - he loves a Milkybar...) Instead of cocoa solids, it contains cocoa butter bu

Wedding cakes: are they over-priced?

Even before I started Victoria's Sponge as a business, this was a topic that regularly came up with my friends. Girls chat about weddings a lot, don't we? And the cost of them is every increasing. How are we expected to pay for a wedding in the 21st century? So, is it true that when you ask a supplier for anything to do with a wedding that they hike the prices up? It does sometimes seem that way. You can be left thinking 'why the hell should I pay £800 or more for a wedding cake - it's going to be eaten on the day and that will be that!' But, what you do need to remember is, wedding cakes do often take a lot more time and effort because brides are looking for perfect icing, perfect edges and

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